What is a test lamp? | How to make test lamps?

Friends, the Test Lamp is a very suitable and cheap tool for doing electrical work.  Which you can make at home.  And every electrician must have a test lamp.  With the help of a test lamp, you can easily detect any fault.  And also saves your time.

 In this article you will learn that,

  • What is a Test Lamp?
  • How many types of test lamps are there?
  • How is a Test Lamp Made?
  • How is the test lamp used?

What is a Test Lamp?

The Test Lamp This is such an electrical testing tool, with the help of which we can very easily check the phase, neutral and earthing of the electrical supply.  or

Can check any faulty electrical equipment.  The 3 phase supply is also checked by a test lamp.

How many types of test lamps are there?

 Test lamps are of the following types.

  1. Single Lamp Test Lamp (Simply Test Lamp Simple Test Lamp)
  2. Portable Series Test Lamp
  3. Series Test Lamp

 In this article, we will teach you to make 3 types of test lamps.  One is very easy.  Which many of you would know that it is made like a test lamp?

Single Lamp Test Lamp (Simply Test Lamp Simple Test Lamp)

Simple test lamps are used to perform phase, neutral and earthing checks or to detect faults in wiring instructions.

How to make Single Test Lamp |  Procedure of Making Single Test Lamp

What are the requirements for making a single test lamp?

  1. A Pendant Bulb Holder
  2. At least 2 feet of wire
  3.  An Incandescent Lamp of 100 Watts or 200 Watts

To make both a simple test lamp, we will need only this stuff

Step 1

Take 2 pieces of wire of equal length.  As shown in the image.  And take out the insulation of both the ends of those two pieces of wire as shown.

Step 2

The holder’s cap came off.  Tighten the terminal screw by plugging the conductors of each end of the two wires into the terminal of the pendant bulb holder.  And put the cap on the holder.

Step 3

 Place a 100 watt or 200 watt bulb in the pendant bulb holder.  As shown.

So friends, your test lamp is ready.  With its help, you can do phase, neutral and earthing checks in the live line.  Or trace the fault to the wiring instructions.

 If you do not know how to check phase, neutral and earthing from a test lamp, then read this.

 How to check phase neutral and earthing in the switchboard?

Portable Series Test Lamp

This is the second type of test lamp.  With this, you can not only check phase, neutral and earthing, but you can also use it as a series testing board, just as a series testing board is used for any electrical equipment repair.  done in the shop,

The series testing board is very difficult to carry and use at work place.  But you can easily take this Portable Series Test Lamp anywhere.  And can also be used easily.

How To Make Portable Series Test Lamp |  How to make Portable Series Test Lamp In Hindi

There is only a slight difference between the Portable Series Test Lamp and the Simple Test Lamp.  To make a portable series test lamp, you should always take a longer wire (a piece of 12 to 15 feet).

The following electrical items are required to make a portable test lamp.

  1.  A Pendant Bulb Holder
  2. At least 2 feet of wire
  3.  An Incandescent Lamp of 100 Watts or 200 Watts
  4. 2-pin male-female plug

Step 1

The way a simple test lamp is made, just make a test lamp of a long wire in the same way.

Step 2

As shown in the image below.  Cut any one of the 2 wires at a distance of 1 or 2 feet from the holder of the test lamp.

Step 3

Open the male plug.  And the wire which is cut, connect both the cut ends to both the terminals of the Male plug.  Meaning connect the malel plug to the series of a simple test lamp.

Step 4

By opening the female plug, as shown in the image below, short both the terminals with a wire.  And put the cover of the female plug.

Your Portable Series Test Lamp is ready.  So it was very easy.

How to use a Portable Series Test Lamp?

Friends, if you want to use a Portable Series Test Lamp as a simple test lamp, then connect the 2 pin male plug in it to the female pin made.

And wrap the long wire as much as you need.  Just keep that much wire out.

By putting a bulb in the test lamp, you can check phase, neutral and earthing like a simple test lamp with its help.

How to use Portable Series Test Lamp as Series Testing Board.

If you want to use this test lamp as a series testing board, remove the female plug from the 2-pin male plug.  Open the wrapped wire and keep the wire open as per the requirement. Plug the test lamp’s 2-pin mail plug into the socket of any switch board where you are working.  And switch that socket on.

Now you can use the 2 wires of the test lamp to check an electrical device with two wires of the test lamp.

Things to keep in mind while using the Portable Series Test Lamp  If you are using this type of test lamp for a series test lamp, only the terminal point of the 2-pin plug that is connected directly to the bulb holder is connected to the phase terminal of the socket.  Insert  Otherwise, if any electrical device is connected to the earthing, and you want to check the body of that equipment with this test lamp, then there may be a short circuit.

Series Test Lamp

The name of this test lamp itself suggests that 2 lamps are used in it. But how is the connection of the Series Test Lamp? So friends, in the series Test Lamp, 2 simple Test Lamps are in series with each other.  As shown in the image.

Where is the Series Test Lamp used?

Series Test Lamp is used to check 3 phase supply.  (for checking supplies up to 415 volts) Friends, if you are completely new to electrical work.  So please do not work on 3 phase supply without any expert.  This can be dangerous for you.

How to make a Series Test Lamp?

To make the Series Test Lamp, the following electrical equipment is required.

  1.  2 Pendant Bulb Holder (2 Pendant Bulb Holder)
  2. Wire at least 2 feet (3 pieces)
  3.  2 Incandescent Lamps of 100 Watt or 200 Watt

Remember friends, while using Series Test Lamp, both the bulbs should be of same watt.  If one bulb is of 100 watts, then the other will have to be of 100 watts.  If you have taken 200 watt bulb, then the other one will also have to take 200 watt.

Step 1

 Make a simple test lamp.

Step 2

Connect the end of one wire of the test lamp you made to the terminal of the other holder.

Step 3

Connect a third wire to the second terminal of the second holder.  This is how a double test is made. How to check 3 phases with a Series Test Lamp?|  3 phase supply kaise check kar? In a 3 phase supply system, R Y B is thus 3 phases.  And in many places there is also a neutral wire with these 3 phases.Read in detail about 3 phase.

Why is a series test lamp used to check 3 phase supply?

 If in any 2 phase out of R Y B, the test lamp of a simple single lamp is used, then the bulb of that test lamp will be fused.  Or there could be a big short circuit.  If this is not the case, the Series Test Lamp is used.

How can I check which faults occur in 3 phase?

As shown in the image.  R,Y,B, three phase and a neutral 3 phase comes in DB.  Many times it happens that one of the 3 phases gets cut in the middle.  When this happens, the 3 phase induction motor cannot work.

And many times it has been seen that, on checking with the tester, the tester blows in R, Y, B,.  But the 3 phase motor does not work.

Friends, this is what happens.  When one of the 3  phases is cut.  And the phase which has been opened, out of that wire, any one of the remaining 2 phases is coming short to DB BOX.  This may be due to cable faults or overhead line shorts.

So friends, the Series Test Lamp is a good and cheap tool to detect this type of fault.

How to check 3 phases with a Series Test Lamp?

The 3 phase DB box consists of R, Y, B and neutral incoming points.  You can find out R, Y, B and Neutral by the colour of the cable wires.

  • Red colored wire for R Phase
  • Yellow colored wire for Y Phase
  • Blue colored wire for B Phase and
  • Black wire is used for N neutral.

But whether the supply is coming properly in R, Y, B and N or not, which is detected by the Series Test Lamp.

How to check 3 Phase with Series Test Lamp?  How to check 3 phase with a double test lamp?

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